What Attracts a Guy to a Girl Physically: 13 Alluring Features (2024)

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When it comes to attraction, physical appearance plays a significant role in capturing someone’s attention. “What attracts a guy to a girl physically” is a question that has intrigued many for a long time.

In this article, we will explore the most attractive features in a woman and delve into what makes a woman irresistible to men. Understanding what makes a woman attractive physically can empower you to enhance your physical allure while staying true to yourself.

Then again, when you understand the things guys find attractive physically, you can position yourself to attract the love life you desire and deserve, by finding a man (or partner) you cherish.

What makes a woman attractive?

What makes a woman attractive is a fascinating puzzle. It’s her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, combined with confidence, kindness, and being true to herself, that capture most of the hearts.

Like a blooming flower, her inner beauty shines, creating a charm that never fades. Let’s explore the magic that makes a woman truly irresistible.

What attracts a guy to a girl physically: 13 irresistible features

When trying to figure out what attracts a guy to a girl physically, you must understand that there are many of those factors. Everything about the woman in question must be warm, radiant, and attractive.

Physical attractiveness encompasses a wide range of features that can captivate a man’s interest. If you are currently asking, ‘What physical features do guys find attractive,’ here’s a list of the top 13 of them.

1. A radiant smile

A warm and genuine smile can transform you from ‘beautiful’ to ‘drop-dead gorgeous’ in a matter of seconds. When used right, a smile reflects confidence and positivity, instantly drawing people towards you.

Taking care of your oral hygiene and wearing a smile that comes from within can leave a lasting impression on others.

Then again, studies have shown that a genuine smile improves attractiveness and makes you look more inviting. So, as you make your daily rounds today, don’t forget that a genuine smile can be what attracts a guy to a girl physically.

2. Sparkling eyes

Consider this an extension of the previous point. The eyes are often considered windows to the soul. Expressive, sparkling eyes can create an air of warmth, excitement, and passion that draws just anyone into your personal space.

Make a mental note to maintain good eye contact, and let your eyes reflect your emotions and intentions. This makes you even more irresistible every time you interact with people.

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3. Healthy hair

Who doesn’t love a lady with luscious, well-taken-care-of hair? No one!

Well-maintained hair, whether long, short, or styled uniquely, is universally appealing. It screams class and attention to detail. Nourish your hair with proper care, use quality hair products, and embrace hairstyles that accentuate your natural beauty.

Also, beyond the attractiveness it adds, personal hygiene positively impacts your health. The way you take care of your hair is a reflection of your personal hygiene.

4. Feminine curves

Physical curves could also be what attracts a guy to a girl physically. Many men are naturally attracted to the curves of a woman’s body. Embracing and celebrating your natural shape can exude confidence and sensuality.

Wear clothes that flatter your body type and make you feel comfortable and confident.

5. Graceful posture

Carrying yourself with grace is another way to let people know that you’re a queen, and you aren’t afraid of what the world has to throw at you. Beyond exuding confidence, a graceful posture makes you a black hole; attracting people to you.

Maintaining an upright and poised posture can significantly enhance your overall appearance. It portrays elegance and self-assuredness. Practice good posture to showcase your confidence and make a strong impression.

6. Flawless skin

Clear and healthy skin is undeniably attractive. Regular skin care routines and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to a radiant complexion. Some medically approved ways to take care of your skin include cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting it from harmful UV rays.

What Attracts a Guy to a Girl Physically: 13 Alluring Features (3)

7. Stylish fashion sense

You most likely know that woman who attracts all the attention when she steps into any room because of her classy fashion sense. Imagine that woman was you…

Dressing well and embracing your unique style showcases your personality. Confidence in your fashion choices can make you stand out from the crowd. Experiment with different styles, find what makes you feel good, and hold up your head while wearing it.

LMHC Kimberly Smith says,

Wearing clothes that are flattering, comfortable, and make you feel good helps you shine even brighter, which will subsequently draw in others who want to bask in them. When you wear clothes you don’t feel good in, it will definitely show, whether you want it to or not.

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8. A sultry voice:

Some guys get attracted to girls physically after hearing what they sound like when they speak. The way you speak can have a powerful impact on others. A melodious and expressive voice can be incredibly alluring.

Practice speaking clearly, with good diction, and let your voice reflect your confidence and charisma.

9. Playful charm

A sense of playfulness and lightheartedness can be irresistible. It shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and can enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes, let go of the reins and have fun, especially when you’re in the midst of fun-loving people.

Embrace your fun-loving nature and let your vibrant energy shine through.

You’ll get back to being the classy, goal-oriented lady you’ve always been in a second. For now, have fun.

10. A mysterious aura

Sometimes, what attracts a guy to a girl physically could be the fact that he can’t quite figure her out. Leaving just enough to the imagination can be incredibly captivating. It sparks curiosity and makes him want to know more about you.

Cultivate an air of mystery by revealing aspects of yourself gradually, while allowing him to be intrigued by your layers. Think of this as climbing a flight of stairs. Let him unravel you – one step at a time.

11. Confidence

Studies show that men and women rate confidence as an attractive trait in their potential partners. Confidence is an attractive quality that transcends physical appearance. Believing in yourself and radiating self-assurance is undeniably appealing.

Work on building your self-esteem, celebrating your strengths, and embracing your imperfections.

12. Authenticity

Being true to yourself is one of the most attractive qualities you can possess as a woman. When you embrace your uniqueness and quirks, you stand out from the crowd and draw people toward you.

In a world where everyone is trying to present a version of themselves that is different from who they truly are, never lose the charm that is your authenticity.

13. Positive energy

Having a positive outlook on life can be infectious. It attracts others to you and creates an environment of happiness and joy. Cultivate optimism, practice gratitude, and spread positivity wherever you go. Just knowing when you give a positive word could be what eventually sparks that connection.

What Attracts a Guy to a Girl Physically: 13 Alluring Features (4)

3 traits that make a woman attractive

While physical appearance plays a significant role in making the sparks fly, you must realize that attractiveness goes beyond mere looks. Here are three additional traits that can make a woman incredibly attractive


Beyond the pretty faces, a sharp and inquisitive mind is a huge turn-on for many men. They want to know that you’re intellectually savvy before they attempt to get closer to you.

Engaging in intellectual conversations and demonstrating your knowledge can captivate a man’s interest. Stay informed, get addicted to personal development, and be open to expanding your horizons.

Here’s a pro tip

One way to get a man’s attention is to be updated on what matters to him. If you’ve set your sights on a specific guy, get yourself updated on the topics he loves. This opens the doors for future conversations.


Genuine kindness and compassion towards others create a warm aura. Treating others with respect and empathy leaves a lasting impression. Show kindness in your interactions, be considerate of others’ feelings, and spread love and positivity wherever you go.

A good sense of Humor

What attracts a guy to a girl physically? Definitely a great sense of humor. It can transform you into the woman that everyone wants to be around. Who wouldn’t love the person who makes them smile all day?

Sharing laughter and finding joy in everyday moments is irresistible. Develop your sense of humor, appreciate wit, and let your playful side shine through. While at it, keep sarcasm far from you.

Watch Andrew Tarvin, CEO of Humor That Works, speak on ‘The Skill of Humor’:
What Attracts a Guy to a Girl Physically: 13 Alluring Features (5)

Extra questions

To help you get more insight into the subject of what attracts a guy to a girl physically or what does a man want in a woman physically, we have answered some of the most common questions. Here goes…

  • What facial features do men find most attractive?

Studies show that men find faces with attractive and radiant skin most attractive. A symmetrical face, luscious lips, expressive eyes, and defined cheekbones can also add to the allure.

While these are general complexes, don’t use them as an archetype of what true beauty is all about. Be true to yourself and do the best you can. The man for you will soon come along.

  • How much does physical attractiveness influence romantic interest in men?

Physical attractiveness plays a major role in romantic interest in men. Think of it as a signboard that attracts the attention of men to you. However, what makes them stay is how you relate with them.

So, while you work on improving your physical attractiveness, also make sure that you’re brushing up on the not-so-physical aspects as well.

Being attractive on the whole

Physical attraction is a complex interplay of various factors. While enhancing your physical features can be empowering, you must also intentionally nurture your inner qualities. Embrace your unique attributes, radiate confidence, and cultivate positive energy.

Remember, true beauty comes from within. You become irresistible when you align your inner and outer selves.

What Attracts a Guy to a Girl Physically: 13 Alluring Features (2024)
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