[Top 5] Kenshi Best Zones for a Base That Are Excellent (2024)

In Kenshi, you might want to start your base in zones that you find attractive. Unfortunately, these zones can be filled with Beak Things, highly-skilled bandits, maybe some maniacal skeletons that will flay you alive. That’s why I’m here to tell you about the best zones in Kenshi!

I will discuss things like the weather, inhabitants, resources, and a few other things. Without further discussion, let’s start with our first pick:

5. Okran’s Pride

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Home of Daddy Phoenix.

This is the main zone of the Holy Nation fanatics. If they see you and you happen to be a Shek, Hiver, or god forbid, A SKELETON, then you’re gonna be in a world of hurt. If you’re lucky, they’re gonna call you an animal and tell you to piss off. In the worst scenario, they’re gonna enslave you - all of this can be avoided if you have a human companion with you.

About the zone - it’s friendly in terms of wildlife, river raptors are neutral and bonedogs are slow and can be outrunned in case of an emergency, though they shouldn’t pose a threat if you attack them with multiple characters. The land is filled with resources such as copper, iron, plenty of water, and decent, fertile land. Just put your base far from Blister Hill!

Why this zone is great:

  • Full in resources
  • River raptors are a great way of leveling your stats
  • The area looks peaceful unless you’re spotted by one of the Holy Nation Paladins!

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4. Cannibal Plains

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Cannibals make great target practice.

I understand that the zone may not be too appealing but keep in mind that these cannibals usually have less than 10 dexterity/strength. They make great target practice and one of your characters could kill at least 50 of them with ease!

The area looks nice and cozy, full of resources and all the goodies for your outpost - visit it, in the worst-case scenario you’ll be eaten!

Why this zone is great:

  • Pathetically weak enemies
  • Full of useful resources
  • Patrols of nomads and cannibal hunters

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3. The Great Desert

[Top 5] Kenshi Best Zones for a Base That Are Excellent (3)

For the rich folk.

This place sucks if you’re poor, thus make sure to make a living off of selling weaponry or Grog - just avoid Hashish. You won’t be hassled by the Samurai unless you pay a weekly tax, which should be around 4000 to 6000 cats if memory serves me right. If you’re capable of paying them that much once in a while, your playthrough should be pleasant!

Why this zone is great:

  • Easy playthrough if you have cats
  • Lands are usually flat and easy to build an outpost on
  • Awesome views, especially near the coast!

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2. Vain

[Top 5] Kenshi Best Zones for a Base That Are Excellent (4)

Acid rain and Hivers.

This zone is located in the western parts of the map, it’s inhabited mostly by the Hivers and Beak Things. But most importantly, acid rains are almost constant in that zone. You’re probably asking me, why the hell would I create an outpost there? Well, if you’re wearing enough acid-resistant gear, you don’t have to worry about the raids from the Holy Nation or the United Cities - they will melt to death!

Beak Things are no problem at all - if you have at least +20 dexterity and some melee attack skill, you’re gonna kill hundreds of Beak Things and never run out of food. That’s pretty much it, welcome to Vain!

Why this zone is great:

  • Filled with crucial resources
  • Beak Things will buff your stats
  • Acid rains will melt anyone before they can break into your outpost

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1. Leviathan Coast

[Top 5] Kenshi Best Zones for a Base That Are Excellent (5)

Beak Things, Garrus and Leviathans.

This area is excellent if you’re sick of humanoid races killing each other for territories and ideological reasons. The Leviathan Coast is perfect for those who want to isolate themselves and at worst worry about Beak Things pecking the walls of your outpost!

You don’t have to worry about resources because the Leviathan Coast has all of them. Even if you’re not a huge fan of farming, you can always hunt Garrus and Beak Things for meat, perhaps even Leviathans one day! The BEST zone in all of Kenshi.

Why this zone is great:

  • Beak Things are the only hostile creatures there(maybe some skeleton spiders but they’re rare)
  • Filled with libraries that contain ancient science books, engineering research, and other goodies
  • Contains all types of resources!

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[Top 5] Kenshi Best Zones for a Base That Are Excellent (2024)


Where is the best place to set base in Kenshi? ›

There's a sweet spot north of the first hive village west of the Hub. You can straddle both arid and swamp biomes, plenty of beak thing eggs, skins, and a few cannibals. If you want attrition on any incoming raiders, set up shop in the Fog Islands or Cannibal Plains.

What is the best area to live in Kenshi? ›

My favorite 3 base locations:
  • Stobe's Gamble, the peninsula above the Broken Labs. Surrounded by acid on 3 sides, you need high tech due to no fertility and extremely powerful raids. ...
  • Crescent canyon at the border between Hidden Forest and Northern Coast. ...
  • Ravine above Black Scratch.
Jan 30, 2024

What are good starting areas in Kenshi? ›

I found that the most common place to start the game is in the Hub (or Sho-Battai (in the Desert....) It's the newbie area and if you start there, I suggest you make your way to WayStation Z in the Borderlands just south east of Hub.

Where is a good place for first base in Kenshi? ›

A low level and low risk area, the Border Zone has a few solid options for players looking to start out their settlement journey in Kenshi. Basically a no-mans-land slotted between the Shek Kingdom and the Holy Nation, the Border Zone is actually the home of several game starts and is therefore quite forgiving.

What is the best city in Kenshi reddit? ›

Best city
  • Heft.
  • Mongrel.
  • Shark.
  • Flats Lagoon.
  • Squin.
  • Black Desert City.
Jan 23, 2023

What towns are safe in Kenshi? ›

There are some towns that are safe from Town Overrides. These are typically the towns controlled by the Tech Hunters or another minor faction: Black Scratch, Mongrel, Mourn, Mud Town, The Hub, any Waystation, and Flats Lagoon.

Where is the safe place to build in Kenshi? ›

Roving Paladin, High-Paladin, and Inquisitor squads do an excellent job keeping Holy Nation territory safe, killing wild animals and bandits. As such, Okran's Pride is a safe early building location for the new or the nervous.

Can you build a house in Kenshi? ›

Building a house in Kenshi requires players to travel far outside a town. First, bring up the building menu by clicking the appropriate button on the bottom right of the screen. This will bring up the building options in the bottom left portion of the screen.

What is the biggest city in Kenshi? ›

Catun is the largest town in Kenshi, as well as the Westernmost city. The town is currently owned by the Dead Cat. Nearby towns include Brink, Clownsteady, Shark, as well as an outpost to the northeast.

How to make money in Kenshi fast? ›

Easy ways to make money early to mid game.
  1. Run loads of animals or bandits to town guards, loot the animals and bandits after the bloodbath, sell everything except for the meat. ...
  2. Find a city that has a copper mine nearby and mine it, sell the copper for money. ...
  3. Explore ruins and sell anything of value.

How do I get a good start in Kenshi? ›

  1. Start your first game with more than one character,
  2. Getting in battle trains you, do not fear going down, leave one character behind to first aid everyone after a battle.
  3. Build your faction and your character skills in the safety of a building inside a town, do not build a base too soon.
Oct 3, 2022

Where is the United Cities in Kenshi? ›

The United Cities, known as The Empire internally, is a feudalistic slaver society that controls large portions of land across the continent. Most notably within The Great Desert and its surrounding regions as well as having a southern enclave encompassing the southwestern coastline.

What is in the unwanted zone in Kenshi? ›

The Unwanted Zone fully lives up to its name, unless players have very skilled fighters and are in need of Animal Skins or Raw Meat. It is densely populated by Beak Things and Crabs. There are many Nests in this Zone, making it a good source of Crab Eggs and Beak Thing Eggs.

Where is the best place to trade in Kenshi? ›

The area around the Hub is great for trading early game since it is relatively close to many towns. Note also that Western Hive villages have a Robotics Shop and a Trade Goods Trader, making them prime places to sell your wares if you do not mind visiting multiple places.

Where do I find more recruits in Kenshi? ›

There are two basic ways players can go about recruiting characters in Kenshi: finding them at bars and talking to drifters. The first option can be a bit more expensive, especially for players who haven't managed to make a lot of Cats yet, the in-game currency in Kenshi.

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