Gabriel Kuhn Murder: The True story of How Daniel Patry Killed His Friend (2024)

Daniel Patry is a 16-year-old Brazilian boy who admitted to the murder of Gabriel Kuhn over a load of $1.55. Kuhn was only 12 years old when he was viciously murdered by Daniel Petry, his close friend and fellow neighbourhood resident.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn were teenage acquaintances in the city of Blumenau, Brazil who made the headlines in 2007 after the former brutally murdered the latter over a loan that was equal to $1.55. Patry tormented and harrassed Kuhn for over a period of one month before deciding to kill him in the most gruesome manner unimaginable for someone so young.

More than a decade later in 2022, the autopsy report of the incident has been released to the public, sparking new outrage and concern among internet users on what led a 16-year-old Patry to kill Kuhn who was four years younger than he is.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry Met at a Local Gaming Center

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry first met each other in 2007, the same year the ugly incident occurred. They met at a gaming center in Blumenau, Brazil, and bonded over their shared interest in video games. Many publications have reported that the two became close friends after getting to know each other but other reports suggest that they were just acquaintances.

Regardless of the true extent of the friendship which only the two of them can speak on, the teenagers enjoyed playing Tibia, a multiplayer online role-playing game made by German gaming company CIPsoft. The game went live in 1997, making it one of the earliest online games to be launched. It unfortunately directly led to the death of Gabriel Kuhn as he and his killer, Daniel Patry, only got to know each other because of the game.

Kuhn Borrowed an Equivalent of $1.55 From Patry and was Killed Over It

Money has caused wars between nations and led to the death of many people across the world. It also happened to be the case with the two Brazilian boys. While playing Tibia, Kuhn borrowed an equivalent of $1.55 from Kuhn because the game requires players to upgrade their accounts in order to progress. One would need to upgrade from a regular account to a premium account for a fee of about 20,000 in virtual currency, which amounted to $1.55 at the time.

Because Kuhn did not have this money, he borrowed from someone else who did in order to continue enjoying the game. He had promised to pay back the loan as soon as he could but as things would turn out, he went back on his word.

According to police reports, Gabriel Kuhn failed to repay the loan and blocked Patry online. He also stopped coming to the gaming center where they first met each other, trying to avoid any contact that will result in him paying back the loan. This line of action enraged Daniel Patry and prompted him to take action into his hands.

Daniel Patry Tormented Gabriel Kuhn For a Month Before Killing and Dismembering Him

Angered by the fact that Gabriel Kuhn was not going to pay him back his money, Daniel Patry tracked him to his house. Knowing where he resided, he made sure to harass and torment the 12-year-old at any opportunity he got. This was said to have gone on for a period of one month before he went a step further to murder him.

On the day that the incident occurred, Daniel made sure that Gabriel was home alone before going to his house. Police documents revealed that he knocked on the door and told Gabriel that if he apologized to his face, he would forgive the debt. Gabriel believed this and proceeded to unlock the door in order to have the whole thing put behind them.

Daniel entered the house and locked the door behind him before starting to assault the boy he was four years older. Gabriel was said to have been badly injured from the ordeal, soaked in his own blood. After Daniel gave him some breathing space, he began to chuckle. It is said that Gabriel went on to threaten Daniel by saying he was going to divulge some of his family’s secrets to the public.

Daniel was further enraged and so decided to take things a step further by killing Gabriel. He did so by strangling him with a string. But even though Daniel intended to kill Gabriel when he began strangling him, the medical report says he did not actually die by asphyxiation but by excessive bleeding.

After making sure that Gabriel had died, Daniel Patry proceeded to dismember him. He sawed off his legs and ripped out some of his middle parts before hiding what was remaining of his body in the attic. The dismembered legs were later found on a neighbor’s property.

Daniel Patry was Charged with the Murder of Gabriel Kuhn and was Found to be Mentally Unstable

Following the arrest of Daniel Patry for the gruesome murder of 12-year-old Gabriel Kuhn, it was revealed that he was mentally unstable. As a kid, he was said to have been hot-tempered and very badly behaved that his parents admitted him to therapy.

Daniel did not complete his therapy sessions as he skipped them. He also frequently skipped class and would not do his homework. This unchecked behavior would spiral into Daniel not being able to control his anger, leading him to kill Gabriel Kuhn over a measly $1.55.

In his trial, Daniel admitted to killing Gabriel. He divulged that he had hoped to hang him first but because he was too heavy, he decided to chop him up. Daniel was subsequently found guilty of murder and sentenced to three years in jail.

Where is Daniel Patry Now?

Justice was widely not believed to have been served since Daniel Patry only got to spend three years behind bars for killing someone. However, he is today a free man but the details of his present whereabouts are not known to the public. He was said to have served his time in a juvenile facility seeing that he was below the age of 18 when he committed the heinous crime. He was subsequently released to his parents.

It is not clear where the family moved to afterward as nothing has been heard from them ever since. Hopefully, Daniel would have gotten the help he needs to turn a new leaf in life.

Gabriel Kuhn Murder: The True story of How Daniel Patry Killed His Friend (2024)


What happened to Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn? ›

Daniel Felipe Petry is a Brazilian 16 year old killer and rapist. He killed his Brazilian neighbor, a 12 year old named Gabriel Kuhn on July 23, 2007, in Santa Catarina Brazil. Daniel got arrested for 3 years in juvenile detention center.

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Kuhn became straight edge and active in radical circles as a teenager. Following post-secondary studies in Austria and the United States, Kuhn lived in the Middle East and the South Pacific Islands. Since 2005, Kuhn has lived in Sweden. Kuhn holds a PhD in philosophy with a speciality in poststructuralism.

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Russell Keith Dardeen and Ruby Elaine Dardeen shared a 3-year-old son named Peter and had another child on the way in 1987. In November of that year, the young married couple, who both went by their middle names, were brutally beaten and murdered along with their son.

How tall is Daniel Felipe Petry? ›

Daniel Petry's body measurements

During his sentencing, Daniel was 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 meters) tall and weighed around 208 lbs (94 kg).

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