A Leaked Hitman Holla Video Has Left the Internet Appalled - Bundle of the week (2024)

After being posted online, the video of American rapper Hitman Holla kissing Cinnamon, the woman he is romantically linked with, has drawn a tonne of attention. According to several people claiming to be the rapper’s close friends, he shared a startling Snapchat clip. One of his buddies made the decision to record the incident afterward, and he then showed the other pals the video. Due to a video that purports to show the two having sex together, the internet has gone absolutely crazy.

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What’s the deal with hitman holla and cinnamon?

A SMACK/URL rap scene member, Hitman Holla’s real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., A 33-year-old man. People often recognize him by his stage name, which he uses for professional purposes. His appearances on this show, which ran from its sixth season all the way up to its sixteenth season, played a significant role in his ascent to popularity and the acclaim that came with it.

The St. Louis native was chosen for both Battle America and Fight Klub. Besides being the man’s lover, Cinnamon is a wealthy businesswoman who is also well known in the neighborhood for her wealth and success.

An overview of hitman Holla’s life

His real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., but he is more well-known by the moniker “Hitman Holla.” On March 29, 1988, he was born in Missouri’s St. Louis, a small city in the United States. His girlfriend, Cinnamon, and he currently share a home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Inside information claims that Gerald Fulton Jr., as Hitman Holla, graduated from the nearby University of St. Louis after completing high school and his college studies. In order to enroll at California State University, Northridge, he also relocated to Los Angeles for four years.

The net worth of hitman

Hitman Holla has so far performed in countless rap battles. For each rap battle, URL unquestionably compensates him well. Hitman Holla has a net worth of $3 million USD, according to the most recent estimate of celebrities’ wealth in 2022.

He also frequently appears on America’s Rap Battle lately. Much anticipation surrounds his upcoming appearance on the improv comedy series Wild N’ Out.

Unbelievably, Wild N’ Out alone pays Hitman Holla a salary of $27,000 per episode. Additionally, the value of the Wild n’ Out television program is about $500 million. Furthermore, Hitman Holla earns up to $30K USD per rap fight on a variety of shows.

Why is there a scandal surrounding the hitman holla video?

A Leaked Hitman Holla Video Has Left the Internet Appalled - Bundle of the week (1)

Fans who have watched the viral video claim that the x-rated clip of Hitman Holla and his lover Cinnamon is getting a lot of attention on Twitter. According to sources, Hitman Holla posted his personal film while maintaining complete anonymity because only his closest friends would have seen it.

However, someone secretly screen-recorded his account and leaked it online. Currently, several Twitter users are sharing the video. If you are unaware of the “close friends” feature that is accessible on social media, then allow us to inform you that it allows the user to limit the audience to which this article is visible. Since you have to choose your closest friends by hand, it provides complete privacy.

Hitman Holla hasn’t posted any explanations on his social media profiles regarding this popular private video of him and his lover. Even now, we lack any formal information that would clarify whether or not he was the one who posted the footage to social media.

An embarrassing video has been leaked with cinnamon in it

Most of the time, when the video first came out, folks thought it was about Cinnamon’s gunshot wound. However, it turned out that Hitman Holla’s personal film, in which Hitman and his girlfriend Cinnamon are seen having an intimate moment, had been released.

It’s quite revealing what this 41-second video shows. (Except for one video) Hitman’s face is not visible in any of the videos. However, Cinnamon, a YouTuber, is present in all videos. She is spotted giving BJ in one. Cinnamon’s booty is visible in another video.

After seeing their video become popular online, the couple immediately removed it from Instagram and YouTube. Thousands of viewers and recorders had already viewed and recorded the film by that point.

The reaction of fans to the video

Fans are tweeting in response to the popular Hitman Holla video to express their feelings.

Hitman Holla, too odd for sharing that, a Twitter user commented. Like what the clout pursuit is like.

The question “why the heck would Hitman Holla upload those vids, and how would they still get leaked from his close buddies” was asked in a tweet by another user.

Another user remarked, “Yes, I did appreciate the Hitman Holla video, but I think this was deliberate. He and Chin always shared excessively.

In what location is the hitman at the moment

According to inside information, Hitman Holla reportedly relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, three years ago from Los Angeles. A YouTuber’s girlfriend named Cinnamon lives with him there. On YouTube, they have a channel called Hitman Holla & Cinnamon. At the moment, six videos have been uploaded, and 185K subscribers have been reached.

It appears that the YouTube channel is not currently in use. The final video that Cinnamon and Hitman uploaded was in 2021. Cinnamon was shot in the face by intruders in October of 2021, severely injuring her. She is currently healing in the hospital.

What is the status of the hitman in prison?

For breaking traffic laws, Hitman Holla was sentenced to jail in March 2020. The Hitman Holla video’s backstory, however, is much more complex.

Secret information reveals that Hitman Holla had an active arrest warrant against him at the time of the arrest. He did not own the car the rapper was driving, according to the police complaint and investigation. The police assumed that he had stolen it.

In contrast, Hitman Holla’s legal team suggested that the fact that he is being prosecuted for such serious crimes in America is the reason.

A brief history of his fame

Hitman Holla, whose real name is Gerald Fulton Jr., was an athlete before he rose to prominence in the world for battle rapping. Inside information indicated that he was a prominent and very talented professional basketball player.

Hitman Holla decided to continue playing basketball after graduating from college in California. Rapping culture, on the other hand, was becoming more popular at the time in the music business. As a result, he turned around!

He entered the music industry through the SMACK URL Rap Circuit. Unlike most battle rap shows, this one is expert-level. You can find a variety of videos featuring Hitman Holla freestyling and rapping online.

He initially made an appearance in Season 6 of Smack URL. Hitman Holla has appeared numerous times in the Ultimate Rap League episodes from Season 6 to Season 16, a span of ten years.

Unexpectedly for the reader, his brother ShowwOutt also works in the music business. He is imitating Hitman Holla by doing this. Additionally, SMACK URLs advertise the Show, which has been running for several seasons now.

Life Update of hitman holla

According to his family history, he comes from a wealthy, established background. Fulton’s parents, Sue and Gerald Fulton Sr., remain married. Additionally, he also has a brother named Show out, who has previously made appearances in his rap battle videos.

He is 33 years old at the moment and is eager to lay the groundwork for an acting career. Hitman Holla is incredibly gifted, as was already established. Hundreds of thousands of people follow him on Instagram. Acting has also been his passion in the past, and he has played sports in the past.


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A Leaked Hitman Holla Video Has Left the Internet Appalled - Bundle of the week (2024)
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