1v1.LOL Support (2024)


Account Issues

How to Log In to your 1v1.LOL Account

1. Open the 1v1.LOL App on your device, or head over to the Browser Game.
2. To login to your 1v1.LOL account in the Browser Game, click on the red “Login with Google” button:

1v1.LOL Support (1)

3. To login to your 1v1.LOL account in the App, you can either Login With Your Email Account or with your Apple ID (for Apple users):

1v1.LOL Support (2)

Log in and start playing! Your progress will be saved to your Gmail or Apple account –so you can login and play from your mobile or desktop and your progress and items will be kept across the different devices as long as you are logged in.

I Logged In and All My Items Were Missing​

1. Make sure you are logged in with your Email or Apple ID.​

Not sure if you are? Refer to “How to Log In to your Account"​​

2. Fully reset the game - completely close the 1v1.LOL App or Browser and then open it again.
3. If you purchased LOL Coins recently and you don't see them in your account, wait up to 5 hours –sometimes it takes a while for the purchases to be approved.

Keep in mind that if you purchase an additional LOL Pack while waiting you will be charged twice.

4. Click on the “Restore Purchases” button in the General Settings tab in the game.
5.Contact our support team – provide us with the email address you used to make the purchases, any purchase receipts you may have and their Transaction IDs or Order IDs.

Billing & Payment Issues

Unauthorized Charges & Refund Requests

1v1.LOL users should always get permission from the payment account owner before making any purchase. If they are underage or not the owner of the account, they will need to get permission from their parent, guardian, or adult relative. Unauthorized charges are a violation of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and may result in the permanent closure of the associated user account(s).​

Whenever possible, we work with parents and customers directly as part of our permissive refund policy to provide a refund for unauthorized purchases. However, some third-party payment processors require refunds to go through their support services and JustPlay.LOL is unable to refund charges for those providers.​

Please keep in mind that any purchase that has been used to purchase itemsin-game cannot be refunded once the LOL Coins have been spent.

Reporting Unauthorized Charges for Credit Card, PayPal, and Google Play Purchases

1. If you notice charges on your Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, or Google Play or Apple account that you did not authorize, please contact Customer Support before disputing any charges. Once a charge has been disputed, a refund cannot be issued due to the payment provider’s dispute process. JustPlay.LOL works with multiple payment providers to provide a safe and secure purchasing experience. Please continue reading for more information on contacting us or a third-party provider in the case of unauthorized charges.
2. If the charge on your statement says “Xsolla*JustPlay.LOL”, please contact Xsolla’s Customer Support team at:https://help.xsolla.com/
3. If the charge on your statement says “JustPlay.LOL”, without the “Xsolla” prefix, please contact 1v1.LOL’s Customer Support team at:help@justplay.lol.
4. When reporting charges make sure to provide the following:
· 1v1.LOL User ID (if known) and email address
· List of the charges by date and amount
· The Transaction or Order ID numbers
· Billing Name
Any attachments must be in .jpg or .png format to be viewed.

App Store Refunds

​Apple's user protection services prevent us from accessing your account and making changes. You can request a refund from Apple on the device you used to purchase the Coins and as long as its approved the money will be returned to you.

I Just Bought Something, Where Is It?​

1. Make sure you are logged in to the same account you used to purchase the item.
2. If you are logged in to your account and you still can’t find the item or Coins, try uninstalling the App and then installing it again and closing and reopening thebrowser.
3.Click on the “Restore Purchases” button in the General Settings tab.

Which payment methods can I use?​

​1.Web Purchases:

Depending on your location, the payment options may vary. All Web purchases are powered by Xsolla with secure protection.

1v1.LOL Support (3)

2.Mobile Purchases:

Through the account associated with your Apple Store or Google Play Store.

3.LOL Coins

You can use any LOL Coins you have to purchase items inside the game.
Unsure of how to use your LOL Coins? Continue to “How to use LOL Coins?

My Credit Card is Being Declined

Credit Cards can be declined for different reasons and there are multiple ways to prevent this from happening to you.​

1. Register the correct billing information with the card provider. You can do this by visiting the card company's website or calling the customer service number on the card.
2. Some credit cards may not be accepted by our system as part of fraud prevention measures. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
3. If you continue to have an issue with a particular card, please try using a different credit card or another form of payment such as PayPal, or purchasing the item through our App from your Google Play Store or Apple Store account.

App Store and Google Play Payments

LOL Coins can be bought through the 1v1.LOL Mobile App found on the AppStore and Google Play stores.

​1. To purchase LOL Coins from your mobile device, click on the "Shop" button, scroll to the right or click on the bottom "Coins" button and select the LOL Pack you wish to purchase:

1v1.LOL Support (4)

2. A pop-up window will appear, asking to confirm your purchase. To cancel the purchase before completing it, use the Cancel or Back feature of your device.​

In-App purchases are billed to your AppStore or Google Play account. Keep a copy of your receipt for account ownership verification just in case you need it in the future.

Enabling AppStore Purchases​

1. Go to Settings → Screen Time → Content & Privacy Restrictions.
2. Tap on App Store Purchases and then tap on In-app Purchases.
3. Tap Don’t Allow on or off.

How Do I Know If My Payment Information is Secure?​

All transactions on 1v1.LOL use secure encryption, thus your financial information is not accessible via user accounts and only partial billing information is stored by JustPlay.LOL for verification purposes.


Please keep in mind that any purchase that has been used to purchase items in-game cannot be refunded once the LOL Coins have been spent.
Please keep in mind that 1v1.LOL has a no-refund policy on in-app purchases for items purchased with LOL Coins.​
To request a refund for unauthorized purchases, please refer to "Reporting Unauthorized Charges for Credit Card, PayPal and Google Play Purchases".

LOL Coins

Where are my LOL Coins?

1. Make sure you are logged in to the account where the LOL Coins were purchased.
2. Your LOL Coins are displayed at the top of the screen:

1v1.LOL Support (5)

How do I get LOL Coins?

To get LOL Coins, you will have to purchase them through our Store.
1. Make sure you are logged in to your Account. Not sure if you are? Refer to“How to Login to Your 1v1.LOL Account”.
2. Click on the "Shop" button:

1v1.LOL Support (6)

3. Scroll all the way to the right until you see the LOL Coin Packs available for purchase, or click on the bottom "Coins" button:

1v1.LOL Support (7)1v1.LOL Support (8)

4. Click on the coin pack you want to purchase, complete the payment with your preferred Payment Option and enjoy spending your LOL Coins!​

When you play and climb up the Tiers of the LOL Pass, you can get up to 100 free LOL Coins!

How to use LOL Coins?

You can use your LOL Coins to purchase in-game items such as Skins, the Premium LOL Pass, Tier-Ups and more.

1.To purchase Skins, click on the "Shop" button in the game Lobby:

1v1.LOL Support (9)

2. Select the Skin you want to purchase:

1v1.LOL Support (10)

3. Make sure you have sufficient LOL Coins, and then click on “Buy”:

1v1.LOL Support (11)

4. You will notice that the item you purchased is now marked as “Claimed”:

1v1.LOL Support (12)

Please keep in mind that 1v1.LOL has a no-refund policy on in-app purchases for items purchased with LOL Coins.

Game or Connection Issues

1v1.LOL is crashing, freezing on the loading screen or lagging

1. Restart the game – completely shut down the App and then open it again.
2. Make sure you have strong internet connection. If you’re not sure, you can turn your device to “Airplane Mode” and then turn it back on again.
3. If you tried all the above and the App still doesn't function correctly you can try re-installing the 1v1.lol App.

There is an Issue With My Controller

1. If you’re playing on a desktop computer or laptop, try re-plugging your Controller to a different USB port (P.S - the ones in the back of the computer usually work better!)
2. If you’re playing with a Bluetooth Controller, try restarting your Bluetooth connection.
3. If you tried all the above and you still have an issue with your controller, try restarting your device and “forgetting” the connection under the Bluetooth settings.

To make sure your controller is activated in 1v1.LOL you can head over to the Controller tab in the Settings and press any button to see if the page is activated.

I have low FPS, how do I fix this?

1. If you’re playing on the web, go to your browser settings and make sure that the “User Hardware acceleration when available” option is turned on:

1v1.LOL Support (13)

2. If you’re playing on the 1v1.lol App, try changing the FPS limit to “60”:

1v1.LOL Support (14)

Couldn't find an answer to your question? Send us a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.​

Please be patient and keep in mind that we receive a lot of requests and it might take a while to answer your question, we are doing our best!

Submit Support Request

Thank you! Your submission has been received!

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1v1.LOL Support (2024)


How to fix 1v1 lol not connecting? ›

1v1. LOL is crashing, freezing on the loading screen or lagging
  1. Restart the game – completely shut down the App and then open it again.
  2. Make sure you have strong internet connection. ...
  3. If you tried all the above and the App still doesn't function correctly you can try re-installing the 1v1.

What should I do as a support lol? ›

The important thing to do is take down as many of the enemy with you as possible. Trading deaths with an enemy carry will almost always be worth it, and in teamfights as long as a support gets off their key abilities before going down, they have done their job.

Is support the easiest role in League of Legends? ›

The Support role is known as the easiest role to play in League of Legends. There are a variety of reasons for this, with one of them being the number of easy champions in the role.

Why can't i connect to my lol game? ›

Sometimes, outdated network drivers can cause issues playing League of Legends. Here's how to update your drivers: Click the Apple icon in the top left, and select "System Update..." Check for updates and apply all required updates, especially if an update appears for your wireless or ethernet adapter.

Why isn t my League working? ›

The League app or website may not be able to connect to your internet or data. Check if you're connected to the internet or have a data signal. If not, you may need to troubleshoot the issue with your internet or phone provider. The League app and website won't load until there's a connection.

Who is the owner of 1v1 lol? ›

LOL was acquired by Playtika in 2022.

Who is best support in league? ›

While pure engage supports aren't in the best shape in this meta, a few, such as Leona, are still viable options.
  • 8 Sona.
  • 7 Braum.
  • 6 Lulu.
  • 5 Pyke.
  • 4 Blitzcrank.
  • 3 Nami.
  • 2 Thresh.
  • 1 Janna.

Is support the hardest role in League of Legends? ›

1st Place - The Hardest Role in League of Legends: Jungle

Good junglers usually draft jungle clearing path and game plans before the match starts. Throughout the game, they must watch every part of the map, deciding where to apply pressure by supporting their teammates in the lane through ganks.

What does a support do? ›

A support worker is someone who looks after the well-being of people in their daily lives. They help people living with different physical disabilities and mental health needs to live their lives more independently and support them to reach their potential by providing both physical and emotional support.

What is the least popular position in League of Legends? ›

Summary. Top and Jungle roles seem 'top' the list for least favourites, with the ADC role following closely. The reasons are varied, ranging from intensive skill requirements to low entertainment value.

Why does my League of Legends loading screen fail to connect? ›

Check Your Internet Connection

The League of Legends is a server-dependent multiplayer game. To play the game, your device needs to be connected to the internet. If you're not connected to the internet, or the connection itself is unstable, the game may not launch or run correctly.

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